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Originally Posted by PixieStyx View Post
As far as the bigamy charge. Not sure if they could even charge him with anything at all because FLDS only marry their first wife legally and just do religious ceremonies for the rest and I was under the impression that common law didn't apply in the state of Utah. I could be wrong though.
Unfortunately, the charge of bigamy in most states, including Utah, doesn't depend on the registration of the 2nd, 3rd marriages, etc. The Utah statute criminalizes anyone who is married from merely "purporting to marry" or "cohabitating" with anyone else. If he legally married wife #1, then he could potentially be convicted of bigamy for #2 and #3, even if it was just a personal or religious ceremony with no civil papers or registration.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I do agree that the main difference with polyamory is how one-way it is. None of the wives are allowed other men in their lives... I do think it's different from polyamory though.
How? Because they have different rules? None of the poly families I know have the exact same boundaries as each other. It seems to me that they are dealing with issues of time management, jealousy management, open communication, and ethics that are essentially equivalent to those in more familiar poly relationships. Why pick out this particular boundary difference as making it Not-Poly, if everyone in the relationship is happy and consenting?
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