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Wow. I guess I was right that things could move really fast. Tuesday night Caleb was suicidal and we were all up all night - he is now under suicide watch at a local hospital. After that Adam and I have essentially been staying with Beth. Yesterday was mostly just a lot of spending time together, taking care of the kids, and heart to heart talks. Beth has decided that she's going to talk to Caleb tonight and let him know that she doesn't want him to come back when he gets out of the hospital. Last night we all shared a bed (nothing intimate - just sleeping and talking). I've had a few moments of insecurity, but mostly everything feels so completely right. We're definitely making a try of this - talking about moving in together, depending on how things go with Beth's other roommate (another guy, not really a friend of anyone's at this point, and has no funds to pay rent).

It all feels a bit surreal. I don't have any questions ATM, at least not any that I know enough to ask lol, just wanted to let everyone know how this is shaping up.

Dakota Raven
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