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Thanks guys . The scale is purely mono to poly. Tried ammending orrigional post to frame this question more clearly (but couldn't get it to edit). I Am interested in how people feel they fit on it (or not) an why.

It is a unitary scale.

0=totaly monogamous - could never be in a polyamourous relationship
1= strongly prefer mono
2= prefer mono
3= happy in mono or poly equally
4=prefer poly
5=stronly prefer poly
6=totally polyamorous - could never be in a monogamous relationaship

Other scales do indeed look at other closely related things and I'm thinking (when I have a sec) I will start another thread arround what ideas people have found helpful to conseptualising their sexuality and relationships.

Sorry for confusion caused by my inexperience asking forum questions

Thanks for the replys and the patience


P.S, please remember how much experience you have and (its unlikely) that you got there all in one go, patience with newbies is appriciated

P.P.S though i know some people are, I react badly to being told I'm close minded

P.P.P.S. thanks for v interesting ideas/responses I'll reply more asap

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