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Originally Posted by PeaceNerd View Post
In my personal life, it's nowhere near irrelevant, because I do love her deeply and have high hopes. On a more general spiritual level, I love both her and my friend deeply and will gladly settle for bringing more happiness and value into their lives, with or without any sexual contact.
Just something to ponder. If its best for their mono relationship to have you not mettle in it, are you okay with completely stepping away. You seem genuinely interested in both their happiness - needless to say you want to "boink" your best friends g/f. If your best friend expresses that this obviously crosses his boundary (irregardless if his g/f understands you very deeply). Are you able to step away and let their relationship go where ever it goes? You already expressed your love for her (and him). If it does not work out with them, and she is interested, then maybe she will accept you.

Just something to think about.
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