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There has been much talk of "coming out" on this forum. I suggest that you do a search and see what you find. There might be a sticky also.

I tell people on a need to know basis. If I think they should know or find that I can't talk to them if they don't then I tell them.

I wrote on another post recently

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
There is not real trick that I have found other than to be confident and honest. I talk like it is nothing and ignore the stares I get when I talk to people. I just let them deal with their surprise/horror/lack of acceptance/intrigue.. whatever that expression is.

I usually come out to people quickly because I find I can't talk about my life unless I come out and it means I at least give the new relationship an opportunity to be honest and open before people get to know me and me them.

Most often people either don't talk about that part of my life at all, or they ask a million questions and base our whole friendship on their intrigue, or they don't care that much and like me for me and we get along just fine. usually its the latter two, cause after all, how many do we find that is close to us in life? Not many.
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