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Originally Posted by mewtastic View Post
Should I just give up, or should I keep trying to convince him that we should take all the time together we can get?
"Should I just give up" is a statement that indicates you are clinging on to something. You shouldn't have to "cling" to anything if you are both happy in the situation. You understand each other and the limits of where you can take your relationship so why not relax in that? If this is all you talk about or comes up every conversation than someone is denying what they want right now in my opinion. Someone is trying to sway the other. Either he is hoping to convince you to drop the poly idea or you are hoping he will change his mind about it ending.
Honestly, if he is truly vocal about waiting to jump ship for a mono partner then what do you really mean to him? Is that love?

Yes,as Redpepper said, I would express my love for her in a non physical way if some circumstances changed, but I am not waiting for any other partner that is mono to replace her. I will always love her and although admittedly I have expressed almost an expectation for us to end in the future it has never crossed my mind that it would be due to something "better" coming along....There is no better.

If you can both be happy and not focussed on the potential end than I think you should take as much enjoyment, love and passion from this as possible. Otherwise I can't see a reason to prolong this.

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