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Star lives too far away for counseling to be a viable option except maybe once in a while, and Hubby seems to be making himself comfortable in the elephant house. So for now at least, it looks like individual counseling for me. And thatís okay. Of course Iíd rather work it through with him/them, but if he wonít, he wonít. And Iím certainly not going to further damage our marriage by pushing him. I already know where that course of action leads Heís one of those people with will NOT be pushed, but can often be lead. So Iím going to move forward, and concentrate on my healing. Hopefully heíll see me making progress and at some point decide to deal with the elephant. But thatís his choice to make.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
you sound strong Fidelia. Good for you taking the bull by the horns!
I am strong. I know Iíll get past this. This is not my first rodeo, after all. My heartís been broken before, plenty of times, and it always heals stronger in the mended places. This is a bad break, to be sure, and made worse by the ďwho did what to who,Ē and even worse by the isolation of not having my nearest and dearest to help me deal with it. I really did feel like there wasnít anyone in the world I could open up to about it.

But you guys here at this forum have helped me so much, with your insights and ideas, your solid advice, and most of all just your support. I really cannot thank you enough for your help. I am filled with gratitude for the blessings you all have given me.

Okay, everybody címere for a big group hug. Come on. . . . *BIG BIG warm loving grateful HUGS*
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