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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What exactly did you tell them? That you are looking for a Harem and going to have a one penis policy (OPP)? Geez, they are accepting!
Ha! RP - I enjoy your feedback. I did not say those exact words, but the summarization of them pretty closely. My mother was mostly concerned with my wife, and at first she assumed that I was the one spearheading the initiative. My mother was very concerned that my wife was not getting taken advantage of. It took some re-assuring, but in the end she felt comfortable that it was something we both were looking for.

Its funny because everyone that i've talked to assumes that because I am the male, that it must be me brainwashing my wife into wanting something like this. Most don't believe that my wife was the one who came to me with the idea. I guess some woman (like most of us) are wired different than others. Probably why this forum exists.
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