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Talking New to site

Female- straight as far as significant others but sexually attracted to females and like to play with females every once in awhile. Pefer poly! currently trying to transition from mono back to poly. Hoping to be the hinge in a vee! Into certain aspects of BDSM.
Living with Slinky (J in my in intro post - decided nicknames are better than initials). Straight male, serial mono, vanilla, hesistantlly considering opening back up to poly. 2 years dating, poly for 1st 6 mos. Mono since we moved in together. Still sme NRE is spurts after 2 yrs but def fading.
Very much hoping to date Echo (G in intro) - straight male open to poly.
Just met a 10 days ago, still have a lot to learn. NRE

PS Advice always welcome! Tho not always followed. : P
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