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Originally Posted by eskimo View Post
I'm confused about what you mean.

They didn't come right out and say it, but with the religious motivation, I wondered if the women were not allowed other partners, and with as many kids as they had, I almost wondered if they did it mainly to have so many kids.

But none of this was ever explicitly stated, and I could be making assumptions. Although even if that's the case, they all seem to be happy about it. And if they're happy, it's not for me to judge.
If they are FLDS then NO the women are not allowed to take other husbands. But so what? If the women involved in that relationship are ok with that then who are we to judge what their family structure is? Those women don't seem submissive to me.

As far as the bigamy charge. Not sure if they could even charge him with anything at all because FLDS only marry their first wife legally and just do religious ceremonies for the rest and I was under the impression that common law didn't apply in the state of Utah. I could be wrong though.
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