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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
You're right, I need to look at the positives. Of course I'm incredibly lucky and shouldn't feel guilty... But it's human I think. I imagine two best friends who do everything together, and one of them meets someone and the other doesn't, suddenly it isn't "balanced" or "symmetrical" anymore, you know what I mean?
I also feel I'm hoarding all the luck

You're right that it's good J was honest about where she stands. It's better than having to deal with a messy situation later, and of course having a friend is a good thing, and she's a very nice person, so I should focus on that.

Thank you for giving me a different perspective
You shouldn't feel like you're the only one who Sean and I have to look to for support either, because you're forgetting that Sean and I are friends now who can commiserate with someone else who gets it.
I can understand why you feel upset with J, though, even though I hope the two of you will still be friends. Maybe she didn't realise that she was sending all those signals, or maybe as MG said she realised in the end that poly isn't for her. Either way, she's a good friend and I'll be okay in the end. Hopefully some day I'll meet someone else who is more poly-friendly or poly-curious, but until then I'm very happy I have you in my life, and I'm happy that you have Sean in your life too.
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