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Originally Posted by Livingmybestlife View Post
Why do I find the word queer offensive. I know it is because my gay friends find it offensive. I have no clue why. They do, and since that is their culture I respect what they say.
As a queer man (and a bisexual man--or, better, biamorous man) I'm slightly (though lovingly) annoyed by those flaming faggots (i.e., 'gays') who haven't got the balls to embrace the very pragmatic term: queer. I have adopted the term "queer" in large part because I'm not -- strictly speaking -- "gay" [only attracted to same sex people] (even though I've been more-or-less married to two men, the first for 6 and the second for 14 years). And I don't fit much in mainstream or mainline (or even steriotypical "gay culture". And there are other reasons, too.

Gay is a rather exclusive term while queer is much more inclusive.
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