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Originally Posted by Sorrolyn View Post
The question(s) I have is if this is normal in polyamorous relationships. Do poly couples try to find partners at the same time so everything is fair?
I think you will find this common early on. Heck most are pure unicorn hunters in the beginning being both wanting to date the same person. So this is common enough.

You generally see this not work out, the guy inherently will almost always be slower to find someone new. So there could be resentment. This can be battled against as long as everyone is aware of the general patterns. This doesn't always apply, but it is part of the journey.

We see lots of couples come on here and the couple has been poly for years. The girls has had a number of relationships and the guy is still looking. If they had locked into that rule, there would be a lot of resentment created.

Just something to consider
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