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Wow, it seems to him that kids are pawns for creating a stronger bond. Well, he is right. It will be stronger, because it will be all about the kids, the moment someone gets pregnant. It will be for the rest of the lives of whom ever creates the child. If he thinks that it would be all about cute cuddly babies that one can gaze at and coo at and then get about being intimate with ones partner then all I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ya right! So doesn't happen like that.

You know that saying that that they say to new parents that they have a "bundle of joy?" Well, its bullshit. Babies are demanding, self centered, loud, consume your entire brain because you have to think about schedules, feeding, changes, clothing, schools, dynamics with parents, grand parents, other children... it goes on forever...They are no "bundle of joy." Maybe if at the end of the day when everything is done for them and them only, you get a fleeting moment of "oh ya! i love them" if you are lucky. Otherwise there is a ton of resentment and exhaustion. yet, miraculously you keep going!

So, ya, do I think its a good idea? Absolutely not. Unless you want your entire dynamic to change and the huge possibility of your quad to fold.

Really I think this guy has some unresolved issues around the loss of his child. I say loss because he fathered a child that he never got to raise. It seems to of affected him. Guess what! because its human nature to be affected when our genes are involved. Again, babies are not pawns for us to push around and think are cute. they are human beings. they are new life. that fact should never be taken lightly if we are to have a healthy future generation. It should never be taken lightly to think it doesn't affect us, even if we don't raise them.

I'm sorry if I sound condescending, but I find it very frustrating that people don't remember that they were children too once upon a time and that they also had a childhood that effected who they are as adults... how is it that they don't see that they would create a child that didn't ask to be born that will also have a childhood. Wouldn't they want to have the best for them. The least amount of trauma, the most love, support, stability and best chance at a future. After all, they will be around for the rest of your life! They never ever go away. you can't get rid of them once they are here. Its a HUGE decision! and should never be done to create any amount of closeness to a partner or anyone. It just doesn't happen like that.
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