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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow! That bites. What has she said about why she is telling you this now? See you still with her? What have you worked out so far?
Well, yes it does "bite", She told me because she kept getting phone calls and/or text and I was getting suspicious, so she finially came clean. Yes I am still with her I am in love with her, I feel like I am incomplete with out her, and I am not one to abandon my word, I made a commitment, and besides I know marriage is not always easy. As for what we have worked out so far, she told me she was going to break it off with the other woman but I know she won't because I believe she has real feelings for her. I am mostly hurt that she has made me feel like our entire life together is a lie. She won't really talk to me about it at all,everytime I try to bring it up she gets mad and defensive. I just am not sure what to do.
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