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That is EXACTLY the dynamic I have going on with my two men. My "older boyfriend" has been with me through so much and together we have created the solid and strong roots of a deep and enduring love. We've seen all the worst in one another as well as the good. Together we are an oak tree. My new boyfriend and I are in the heady rush of new love. Discovering one another, being gooey and romantic. He gives me a lot of the sweet, mushy affirmations and hugs and kisses that my older boyfriend doesn't anymore, but can't provide the pure "knowingness" that I get from my longer relationship. Still, it's an addictive and delicious thing to be with a new man. I can (like you) only hope and look forward to a time when we've developed the same solidity as my main man and I, and enjoy the fluffy goodness of this new affection.
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