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So the meeting didn't go as planned. My hubby spent most of the party with his family and not trying to interact with him. He had to leave to a friends engagement party and was supposed to come back but that didn't work out.

Things felt really different the two times I saw him before my husband finally met him a week after the party. We spent a few days in a row hanging out together before we finally had a few beers and actually talked about everyones feelings. My guy was pulling away because my husband was not acting normal when deployment ended and felt he was interfering with my primary relationship. My husband apparently had been being overly insecure because he had never met my guy and it was causing jealously. Then the fact that he could tell I was upset about my guy pulling away made him more hurt. After we all talked openly and my guy asked tons of questions and explained the things he was jealous of he became himself again. His body language and affections were entirely the guy I met and liked immediately. He was scared of my husband and my husband scared if him. We have a rule now... Must meet potential relationship partners first before anything happens.

I love that my guy is being himself again and seems pretty comfortable. My only thing is he turns his head or closes his eyes anytime my husband is affectionate or gropes me. Is there anything I can do to help him? This is his first situation having to share, so I understand but it worries me.
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