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Default A little intro.

I just want to say hello to all. I have a wife who is thirty-three and i'm thirty-four. We have been married for ten years. Two years ago my wife told me that she was interested in trying out poly and I happily agreed since I had the same interest but was afraid to tell her for fear of negative/violent reactions. We are currently in a poly. relationship with a third partner who is my wife's boyfriend, for a year. He's thirty-nine. So far the relationship is doing pretty good. B (wife's boyfriend) stays over our house six nights a week and we stay over his house for one night. We do almost everything together. The only problem that occured was six months into the relationship when B revealed that he was also sexually attracted to me. This problem has been taken care of and it was not easy .

Anyway, just thought i'd pop in and say hello and hope I become a part of this community in the future. Thanks for reading.
Too sexually explicit to explain.
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