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Well... Kind of an update. As sj predicted, shit hath hitteth the fan. We spent a lot of time with Beth over the weekend, and she talked a lot about her relationship with Caleb. She talked to Caleb Sunday night about potentially not staying together. Monday Adam stopped by and met a very angry Caleb (according to Caleb, Beth let slip that Adam had said that Beth deserved better than Caleb). Adam managed to defuse the situation, talked to Caleb for a while. I saw Beth for just a couple minutes Monday - she looked so incredibly sad that I really hated to just leave. We're picking her up tonight so we can get some "girl time" and some space to talk. Really have no idea on what she's going to say. Caleb told Adam some things about how Caleb's treated Beth that makes me really want to get Beth out of there - but at the same time, it HAS to be her decision, not mine or Adam's. Just trying really hard to be there for Beth when I want to go in with a Mac truck and fix everything for her. (I am committed to not "fixing" things for Beth - just hate to see her so depressed.)
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