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Originally Posted by vampiresscammy View Post

nor would it feel good to be the only ones standing up in a room full of thousands of people whom are all sitting down.
I am responding to this thread as an appendix to the current activism thread.

Vampire makes a good point- many will feel this way, but I for one think that being the only one standing up in a room full of thousands is an exhilerating, brave, and meaningful thing to do- because lots of those sitting don't know how to stand up or won't out of fear of being ostracized.

I am this kind of person. I enjoy being a champion for what I believe. I may not represent all, but I make an effort, and it takes all kinds of people to make a world- not just a group that are a community because of their identification with poly and the value system thereof- but a world bent on peace, tolerance and education rather than war, hatred and ignorance.

I hadn't read this thread before- lots of good points and discussion on all aspects of the issue at hand.

Much respect and appreciation to all those presenting their viewpoints as individuals-that's what it's all about IMO.
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