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Originally Posted by swheeler11 View Post
Hi Fidelia,

My thesis intends to explore how women's polyamorous identities intersect with their other (racial, ethnic, sexual, etc.) identities, as well as how their participation in polyamory affects their membership in other communities.

Also, there is relatively little academic research on polyamory, and what exists tends to focus on middle-to-upper class, white, bisexual women--so I want to focus on less represented populations within the polyamory community, namely women of color, queer women, and working class women.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Why such young women? We older ones with grown children have more time (and energy) to play!
I'd like to apologize as well. I missed in your post where you said us old white poly women had already been studied. I'd like to see links to those studies!

BTW, I am queer and genderqueer and have no problem with those labels. Quite the opposite.
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