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Originally Posted by damncatfish View Post
But bigotry will exist regardless of well intentioned and motivated activists. I think the key is to live your life openly and communicate every chance you get with those who would disagree.
I'm not seeing a dichotomy with Parade-and-Banner-Enthusiasts on the one hand and I'll-Just-Quietly-Do-My-Thing folks on the other, and so, Catfish, I don't think you and your wife are locked in disagreement.

One of the most powerful "activist" things any of us can do is let the people in our lives know that we're living the kinds of lives we are, open to multiple loves, or not, gay or not, bi or not..., honestly and openly ourselves, without fear or shame.

But when the fear is justified by bad public policy, that policy needs changing, and as ALL previous social justice movements have demonstrated, change doesn't happen exclusively on the legislative arm of society. There is also the social and cultural "milieu" to contend with -- and social changes often preceed legislative ones.
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