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Thanks MorningGlory. Heh. I don't think of myself as brave, but thank you.

The three of us had a fun movie night last night. Mohegan and I found lots to laugh over, particularly inflicting clowns from Cirque du Soleil on Karma in retaliation for his Kung Fu treachery. (Black Dynamite? Really? I think I lost brain cells during that one )
We even discussed making him sit through The Princess and the Frog. There was much laughter.
My day had been a rather rough one, and I wasn't the only one, but curling up on the couch with gummy worms in one hand and a fuckin' awesome cookie in the other improved everything.

Mohegan and I are honestly doing worlds better than I'd thought possible. I'm excited and kinda proud.

On an unrelated note, it's a sad state of affairs when you have to hide in your room with your cat to feel comfortable in your own home. Family has been...frustrating, lately.
School getting busier doesn't help.
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