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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post

I must admit, I get a certain charge (for about a millisecond) out of seeing my own ideas/writing put into print out in public on this board, but it really doesn't carry the importance of a grain of sand in the big scheme of my life whether anyone knows or cares about how I live my life.
The heart of activism is going to bat for an idea larger than yourself, knowing that through your boldness you can change the world for the better, educate, make someone else's life easier, contribute to the evolution of a government, minority or cause because you feel the issues and people involved are misunderstood or undervalued.

And Mark- it makes a difference in my life that you voice your opinions and insights on this forum- take a look at how many people have viewed the posts you've participated in (members AND guests-whoever they may be and whatever they came here for) and you will see that you have already inadvertently made an impact greater than you may imagine.
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