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thank you rarechild. I'm not as frustrated as what you seem but I do agree with you in that I understand research, having come from an intellectual family who all have educations much higher than myself.

My brother is a behaviourist biologist studying spiders somewhere in california (he is canadian btw anotherbo and we ARE NOT ONE OF YOUR STATES we actually have a culture and way of being that is completely unique and different from Americans. Hellllo, what do they teach you all in school, anything about history and geography, jeesh ).... if he decided to conduct his PHD research to all spiders of one family it would be impossible to write on anything of value. He has a very specific course of research and data collection that needs to be specific if it is to ever be finished and useful.

Sure it sucks that those of us who are old can't participate or those of us that are male can't, or those of us that are not queer can't, or those of us that are not american, but there will be studies that revolve around us and eventually, if there is enough, then these studies can be compared and then can be used to figure out this poly shit.... not one person can do it all. Isn't it enough that anyone is interested at all?!

so you go swheeler11!
Thanks for considering any poly population as worth studying. Please tell us your findings when you are done. I for one, would be grateful.
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