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It is a largely fluid process, being poly...... and very few people even on this board can agree on a single definition or term. How is the public to see this? It will all just be confusing to the masses who aren't poly. Again, I don't think we need a giant poly day parade. I don't think actvism is the right word, maybe education...and if some sort of equal rights issues come about to enforce child custody decisions or provide for healthcare on a grand scale to huge numbers of the population, then indeed legislation and actvism will be needed and will come about just as gay rights have. The point of my previous post.

I can also see Mono's altruistic side in that he doesn't need to stand out and make a scene for anybody. He just wants to live his life with his love and enjoy the journey. No need for activism there. No need to puff his chest out and march thru town declaring what he is! Right Mono? We love you just as you are, er...well RP does, anyway!

I must admit, I get a certain charge (for about a millisecond) out of seeing my own ideas/writing put into print out in public on this board, but it really doesn't carry the importance of a grain of sand in the big scheme of my life whether anyone knows or cares about how I live my life.
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