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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I am always baffled that people need to declare aspects of their life so publicly. I don't require societal recognition to be happy so I find it hard to sympathize with this concept.
Good grief! Have you no sense of the tremendous difficulty, legal and social, that social prejudice can wreck on people's lives, Mono-?

What is a "public declaration," anyway? Should I never tell anyone that I have a boyfriend, a life partner of the same sex? If I do, am I seeking special attention that straight people aren't seeking when they say, "I'm going on vacation with my wife"? Are you not aware that another stigmatized group, gay people, have had to make lots of "public declarations" to achieve the relatively higher level of social acceptance and legal equality that we now have?

How about those poly folks who lose their kids in child custody cases because they are polyamorous? What of those poly folk who keep mum at work for fear of losing their jobs?-- or not being hired in the first place? Or fear telling family? Isn't that a social issue in need of some sort of "activist" response?

Millions and millions of gay people, in their youth, kept their orientation a secret -- with often disasterous personal consequences --, due to social prejudice. Only when the "gay community" organized and became "activist" could millions more gay kids have it so much easier, as they do today. Those gay kids deserve to "publically declare" their lives and loves as much as the straight kids do, don't they? To do otherwise is to hide and tell lies and to live the suffering of lies and hiding.

I think the analogy is a good one. Closets deform and harm people. Period. And no one should be forced to dwell there.
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