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RP you are quite thought provoking.....I'm sure you keep Mono and your hubby on their toes!...I couldn't agree more with your last sentence. I think we will find in the next 20-30 years so many damaged women..... and...... so many confused men. Many will be lost to the raping and pillaging they face now, early in life.

Those that survive will have scars and pain that affect the rest of their lives. I have seen an alarming change in women in the States in the last 40 years and in ever increasing numbers of the female population......I fear alcohol abuse is on the rise in our female population for a variety of reasons. In the 60's it was the occasional lonely bored housewife, the 80's and 90's the busy working soccer mom doing everything for everybody 24 hours a day. The last 10 years, the disillusioned women, divorced, single and bitter and bumping up against glass ceilings. In the future it'll be the young women of today trying to forget their youthful indescretions and just trying to survive.

Whether it's from watching Sex and the City and all the cosmos those girls drank or from watching their own moms and all the cosmos they drank, or maybe watching all those commericals for those "Girls Gone Wild" videos and seeing all those drunk skanks behaving like , well skanks........I think today's women just have a whole set of bad role models to choose from. IMO
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