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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi Swheeler,

I might mention that if you want more real value other than a passing grade for a class from your research, you may want to consider dropping your age restrictions you originally posted.

I suspect that what you would find is that particular subset (broad generalization that should hold) will be a group that is still 'finding their way' in general - in life as well as polyamory. Correspondingly, you will likely find much corresponding with the mistakes, misunderstandings, lack of experience/knowledge etc. In other words, many of the struggles and horror stories so prevalent.

In order to get a broader understanding of where polyamory CAN lead longer term I think you may need to broaden your perspective.

Just an opinion - and we all know what they are worth..........

Hi GS,

I completely understand your perspective; however, like I mention above, I'm purposefully targeting a younger demographic because they are so underrepresented in academic research on polyamory. As with any study (especially those about polyamory, which has so many variations and such diversity), I wouldn't claim that my participants' perspectives represent all opinions of/experiences with polyamory, but I do think that valuable insight can come from any age range.

For it's worth, I plan to continue researching polyamory at the doctoral level as well--so this particular study merely represents a starting point for me, and not the full range of exploration I hope to do on the topic. Hope that clarifies it a bit more!
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