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Default Definitely

I had a feeling you would! I am one of those with great passion for clarity and research. There are too many empty or misused words flying around out there- not just on here.

I think we'd be doing a service to more than just our own group by creating an alternative definition list of our own.(i.e. people searching terms on google or similar) Thanks for your enthusiasm- can you think of any I missed on the original list?

Perhaps a good way to do this would be to take them one at a time, collect what's out there in terms of existing definitions, and put them up as their own threads to be discussed by all who have an opinion or input, and find a way to distill them into an understandable and clear working phrase.

I am willing to do some reasearch and discussion myself- although because I am new to this I don't feel I have the perspective to interpret all of it correctly.

Fun project, and I think meaningful and educational for us and anyone searching for poly info.
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