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sage, from the way I've been thinking about it, yes your experiences/wishes probably do put you arround three. I don't think you have to have a wide range of experiences to place yourself (roughly, this is obv all just speculative) on a scale, I know straight and gay people who have never tried opposite orrientation sex who never the less feel that they are emphatically straight or gay. I totally concede its an odd question and people can well be fluid throught there lives (much as on kinsey) I suppose thats why i asked for explanations as well as numbers

Ari, Fair enough, I put it in fairplace coz i thought it was a bit random poleish (Sorry) sure, will move to general discussion, do I need to message a mod to move it? (did a quick serch and couldn't find how to do it myself *blushes*)

I can see that shifting definitions can confuse people and I can understand your questioning its usefulness. Please let me be clear i tend to think labels are only of limmited use, and i am only framing this question here as it is a relitively safe space, I don't want to confuse anyone, and would not espose poly as a sexual orrientation without research/considerable backup/being v sure of myself.

None the less I feel my sexuality is much more strongly tide to poly than to "being bi" so I was trying to explore this.

Although my gut instinsct is to agree that "sexual orientation, relationship style and love style"are not the same i'm not entirely sure they are as independant as we assume so not yet convinced of your three scale suggestion. I'd be interested in how you (and others) define and see the interrelationships between (though would that be a seperate thread? - forgive my inexperience in forum structure)

Peace and love (for those who it'll mean anything to, i got a glasto ticket! )


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