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Definitely sounds to me, like you are experiencing the natural, and normal, insecurities over a new relationship. Until we go through all those experiences and come out the side, we dont have that sense of confidence sometimes.

Both my husband and my boyfriend are 'popular with the ladies' . They are beautiful, wonderful people, so of course they attract others !

My husband- I am encouraging to. I am happy for his dates, and feel compersion thoroughly.

My boyfriend- While I don`t restrict any interests he may have, I can`t say I would rush out and find him a tertiary anytime soon. I just dont feel like I have had enough of my own time with him yet. Luckily, he finds himself feeling similiar towards me, so it`s not built towards any jealousy.

I fully expect with time, and experience, that feeling will change. My compersion will be just as great for the bf.

We just need time to build our own history.
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