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I am not dismissing what you are saying, everyone has their own view.

but for me sexual orientation, relationship style and love style are all different concepts. They have overlapping potential ideas, but they are all very distinct.

Why try to fit everyone on one scale (and in turn label)...why not have all three..

I am a 1 on kinsey
5 on the non-monogamy scale
I have never thought long enough about the love style in this case to make up a scale.

The problem, when you start to look at poly as a sexual orientation is I think it will confuse people. Poly should be left to a relationship type. Adding in anything else confuses the situation and its explanation. Its already complex enough to truly define "loving many" to people.

Also, this should maybe be moved to general discussion. It is a good potential discussion, but might get lost in the fireplace
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