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Another packed-full weekend. We spent time running errands, both separately and as the big family. Sunday is miserable with allergies, and we discussed how moving might help him. Apparently, for a few years after you move to a new area, you have some allergy relief. I don't want to move while my kids are still at home--I have family in the area and I want my kids to have that support network. My grandmother is 90, and I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't see her.

Saturday night, Ocean invited herself over for a sleepover :P. She was making me crazy, talking back and misbehaving, until the second her parents left, and then she was pretty much an angel. I think my kids behave like this, too--they're better for other people when I'm not there. She even let us sleep in the next morning, which was *very* nice because at about 1am I suddenly had this feeling of dread and I was scared that something was going to happen to one of the kids, so I had to keep checking on them. Easy was a super husband and took over the duties after the umpteenth check.

On Sunday, Sunday took Moose to the library to help him with his homework, while the rest of us took our dogs to a charity dog wash. Then we all headed to Asha and Sunday's house for dinner. At one point, the guys were all at the kitchen counter, helping Moose with a chemistry question, and Asha and the kids and I were at the table, attempting to assemble a foam haunted house decoration, and Asha looked up at me and said, "How can we all live in one house, so that we can do this? So that they can be over there helping with homework and we can help with crafts and we can be a family?" It was heart-wrenching.

I have to say it was a good night, though. At one point, I was bent over, putting dishes in a cabinet, and Asha smacked my butt. I laughed and protested but kept up what I was doing. Then Easy smacked my butt! I threw a fit and refused to bend over again, but no one would put the dishes up so I gave in and went back to work. Then, just as I finished and was standing up, Sunday whacked me! I was shocked. First, it was funny. Second, Sunday smacked my butt?? Pod people.
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