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Originally Posted by swheeler11 View Post

My thesis intends to explore how women's polyamorous identities intersect with their other (racial, ethnic, sexual, etc.) identities, as well as how their participation in polyamory affects their membership in other communities.

Also, there is relatively little academic research on polyamory, and what exists tends to focus on middle-to-upper class, white, bisexual women--so I want to focus on less represented populations within the polyamory community, namely women of color, queer women, and working class women.

If you'd like, I can always post my list of interview questions as well.
Hi Swheeler,

I might mention that if you want more real value other than a passing grade for a class from your research, you may want to consider dropping your age restrictions you originally posted.

I suspect that what you would find is that particular subset (broad generalization that should hold) will be a group that is still 'finding their way' in general - in life as well as polyamory. Correspondingly, you will likely find much corresponding with the mistakes, misunderstandings, lack of experience/knowledge etc. In other words, many of the struggles and horror stories so prevalent.

In order to get a broader understanding of where polyamory CAN lead longer term I think you may need to broaden your perspective.

Just an opinion - and we all know what they are worth..........

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