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Originally Posted by anotherbo View Post
I'd love to hear more about the exceptions. And anything going on in your life, relationship-wise.
As River said, there is no issue with talking about yourself. I'm sure there are other men going through what you are, who could learn alot through your self examination

But I will oblige your questions, the exception was one guy who I'd been friends with for awhile, he came on to me, we had a sex-filled relationship for about 6 months that was really more of a FWB relationship, just with less friend, more benefit . During this period, we rarely talked aside from group conversations with friends and teammates (we played football in high school btw), but really no 1on1. When we were alone, we fucked. After the sex stopped though, our friendship resurfaced and he's now one of my best friends.
Although it did follow my usual pattern of:
no sex=connection
sex=no connection
What made it different is that we were able to re-establish a friendship. That only happened once before him.
It was a guy I really liked, even while we were sexual. He was my first. I'm still very much protective of him, even though that chapter has been closed for years. We've also been able to hold a friendship, though not nearly as strong as my old team-mate.

Currently I'm single and being pursued. I see no point in entertaining him because I'm literally leaving the continent in 2 days. Also, he's not out, and I'm really bored of closet-cases. I think it's sad that of the (insert number here) men I've been with, only one identify as gay, and one as bi. All the others were "straight" (-_-)

I don't want a relationship I have to hide, gay or poly...
When one limits themselves in terms of love, they have missed the point of love altogether ~ RazeGeneration
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