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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
3. Are we limited to only one soul mate?
4. Does a soul mate have to be romantic/sexual or can it be platonic?
I'd like to tag onto what XYZ123 said in reply.

Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I believe in soul mates. To me, a soul mate is someone who touches your life in a positive way and "completes" something inside you so well that their influence is always there, even if they are not. I'm having a hard time wording this. But I don't think there needs to be any specific relationship to a soul mate. I believe my husband is a soul mate, as well as my son, as well as a friend I had long ago that I haven't seen in years. Their influence and love is always there inside of me. So, yes, I believe in multiple soul mates.
I also believe in soul mates within a variety of different types of relationships. My daughter is a soul mate. And there are "soul mates" as far back as the eighth grade that are physically no longer in my life, but I think of them often, and at the risk of sounding strange, feel them in my soul, as though there is an active communication.

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