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I could so go off on what 70's feminism has done to young girls today in creating imbalance in our society! I was raised by a feminist mother and took some womens studies courses at uni...I know what it did to me. Nothing bad necessarily, but it can make women driven and determined, over the edge, to one up men. That can back fire when it is turned into selfishness and lack of responsibility for all in our society. Now that I raise a son and look at the feminization of schools etc., I see first hand what has been created (feminization of schools is an interesting search too). I can only imagine what it would of done to my daughter if I had one. I won't go on. This is for another forum! Heh... Get so passionate.

I believe its also called "skank" culture as well as "slut" culture. Worth a google.

This kind of knowledge of what "skank/slut" culture is is what actually tipped me over from swinging and identifying as having an open relationship to polyamory. I was sick of being used to masterbate in. I talked to Mono about this the other day and agreed that its the difference between connecting with someone you love when you have sex as in poly, or connecting with your sexual desire, like masterbating, in swinging etc. I feel truly sorry for anyone who has not connected to their partner when having sex. There is really nothing as rewarding. Sure swinging has its place, but it didn't in my life for the long haul.

I fear that youth (and others) damage themselves by not respecting their partners or themselves by cheating and being a part of things like "skank/slut" culture. Its a kin to raping and piledging in other eras perhaps.
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