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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
No need to be nervous.
Maca and I were discussing this the other night-I'm very "inclusive".
So I tend to just "bring people along" in my life.

Because of this my friends tend to get to know each other well and over the course of time they tend to build relationships with one another as well.

This is very disconcerting (so I'm told) to people who are "new" to my life. It was especially so for Maca. But once a person is around for a bit they tend to say it's a "blessing" because they find that instead of having a friend (or one rope) to hang on in their time of need, they have a whole network (or a net) to depend on in time of need.
I have sensed this, and it's one of the things I find the most appealing about you and yours. I had rather isolated myself since I got married and meeting new people recently has really shown me how piss-poor my existing support network really is. Yet it's still scary to open myself up to the fact that I might indeed start getting the sort of support I need, and if you and I hit it off in a friendly way, I might get sucked into a new community of people at the speed of light! It's a little mind boggling after my hermitage, but sounds wonderful!
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