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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Is it just that polys are too busy/happy/self-actualized to get on a soapbox and make their lifestyle known, or is it something more sinister, like fear or shame?

Perhaps it is a lack of organization and leadership.?
I am always baffled that people need to declare aspects of their life so publicly. I don't require societal recognition to be happy so I find it hard to sympathize with this concept. Why not direct that energy inwards. I think it is the vocal contingents that are the ones who truly need to feel accepted and therefore have feelings of guilt or shame.

Why any love style would require organization or leadership is beyond me. It is this type of self isolation that makes people wonder about the people involved in movements. Who cares if you can love more than one person or can love only one? I don't see a coalition for the rights of swingers or BDSM, so what is the poly communities need to be recognized and accepted by society as a whole?

Is polyamory seeking legal rights similar to those available to traditional relationships? We'll have to provide some well documented and numerous poly relationships that have proven the test of time before that happens. The administration alone for all the types of declared relationships would be staggering. Not to mention they are so fluid in many cases, the system couldn't keep up.

Get off your soap boxes and just live and love. Stop taking yourself so seriously and trying to spread the word like missionaries and just be.

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