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Default mono-poly spectrum?

Did a search and and couldn't find anything specificly on this but obv please redirrect me if its been covered

As you may know I believe for me polyamory is a sexual orrientation. I am bi but don't think I really fit on the kinsey scale because the idea of a relationship with only one person (of any gender) feels fundimentally wrong to me (and because of this, untill i found out about poly, I always kept myself single.) So I was wondering if a kinsey type scale was constructed for mono-poly with
0=totally monogomous- could only countenence an exclusive relationship to
6= totally polyamorous unable to counternence non poly relationship,
where would you place yourself? and why?

I think I would be 5.5/6 because although (in the unlikely event I fell deeply in love with a mono person) I could promise to be sexually faithful to them, I couldn't promise not to platonicly love anyone else.

From what he's said in his other posts I suspect Mono would be arround 0.5 (though obv please forgive the assumption and correct me if i'm wrong) but I am v currios to know where other people would place themselves? What you think?

Peace and love


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