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Dear Crazy

I put that title on this post because I only kind of sort of know what I'm talking about. I don't have much polyamorous experience, but I do know some things about people. Your question goes far deeper than just its polyamorous aspects. It works like this: Each relationship with each person is different from every other relationship with someone else. A relationship depends on A and on B, and on their interaction at the moment. If someone IS right for you, they are. If someone isn't right, they aren't. Neither you, your husband, or any other human being is here for your amusement/entertainment.. Nor are you there for theirs. The one rule I believe in is that to be right, a relationship has to be right for EVERYBODY involved. I can give you no definite advice: but listen to your heart. If it feels "icky," it probably is. Do you think your husband would be upset if you told him you don't want a partner you can't love the way you love him? It sounds to me that you might not mind it if he had or took temporary partners. Maybe there's a way you can make this a win-win situation for everybody. Good luck!
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