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Today there was a moment where I seriously began to doubt whether this is going to work at all or not. One of the things as I understand it that can make or break a good poly situation is consistency, right? Well I have a number of times presented my concern that my wife and I have enough quality time together. She doesn't really do anything about it. For example:

on a day to day basis during the week she spends the night with her girlfriend about at least half the time. However it means that my wife and I have lunch together but that this other person regularly (unlike me) gets intimate time with her in the evening. So that's fair enough because I expected to get at least half the weekend. However this weekend she's spending EVERY night with her--and then seems astonished that I'm upset about it--like she really doesn't understand.

I get the feeling she just wants her own way and doesn't care; she doesn't like that I'm upset but doesn't want to actually do anything that will help the situation.
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