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Ok, it seems like we may have found a solution....kinda. L and I are (hopefully) getting a job where we work together. Which will mean that we have days off together, and the same hours. This may work out well.

Magdlyn, to answer your questions:
Not really envious of "any" fun she has while I am at work, but kinda. Hopefully, this new development will help with this issue.

The issue with her not leaving, is done now...HOWEVER, I was upset because she was ignoring me. Her husband. Her primary. The one who will be there for her no matter what. So yeah, I was a bit upset.

And yes, he came 5 or 6 times that night. This is common for him I guess. For me, it is common the first few times I'm with a woman. But after about the 5th or 6th "date" with them, I am back to once with an hour break, then I can go again. And if you saw how well he was...ahem..endowed.....You would certainly be jealous or envious of her. LOL
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