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Default Coping with a slow breakdown-suggestions?

Z's SO is pulling away from him. He can feel it and I can feel it.

She is a "free-spirit" who lives in the "Now" and is very hard to pin down. In the beginning of this pulling away I kept suggesting things. Now I've stopped, given up, he seems emotionally paralyzed.

I can't support him as if it is a final ending because who knows if it is. There has always been a disparity in their relationship. He has always loved her and wanted more from her. In my view she has always dangled him unfairly but I like her as a person, she has had difficult stuff in her own life to deal with over the past year and I have tried to stay out of it, but I am finding this increasingly difficult.

I am now thinking that maybe she is trying to let him down gently but this gradual pulling away isn't necessarily working. It's like a terminal illness that is going on too long.

Do you think I should just continue to be supportive and stay out of it or get pro-active and try to sort it out one way or the other. It is starting to drive me nuts.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
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