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I honestly have managed to avoid buying a couch. Seriously. We HAVE one-but it was given to us with a matching love seat. Third time that's happened since we married 11 years ago.
I've heard lots of commercials for Baileys Furniture in Anchorage-but I've also heard that they are way overpriced.
Honestly-you might check JCPenney's and Sears. You can usually look online-order online and then pick up in Anchorage (avoiding shipping costs). Also-I think Penney's has a second shop in Anchorage that has all of their clearance furniture.
It's been ages since I spent any significant time in town, but as I recall it was near Arctic and 36th. Maca helped me with that-he says he thinks it's actually 3300 Arctic, but don't quote me on that!

It will be a couple months before we can really look at going much of anywhere-but I'll keep you posted.

I know who Jewel is-but that's it. GG is a music fiend full of useless trivia. We all just let him enjoy his weirdness. It's useful sometimes, at others (like this) its just odd and bizarre.
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