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I think that would be a great addition in a sort of "to learn more about" context, but I don't think taking people off the forum site to get a sense of definitions is advisable. There is so much on the forum to learn through reading actual life experiences and views, I would hate to set people up to abandon the site before they can benefit from this.

Of course, it would be a tough thing to all agree on the definitions, and some terms cannot be defined in black and white, as we have seen in the forum.

The problem with citing dictionary definitions in my view is that they may be biased, incomplete, or nonexistent.

Moderators and those experienced enough to have a clear perspective- also with the inclination to endeavor working definitions that fit this site would be required. I know this might not be of interest to anyone, I was just thinking it would be helpful to me and the other newbies, and observed the non-newbies getting riled up about misuse.

I was imagining a way to combat arguments and confusion- so when terms are misused/misunderstood/unfamiliar, there is a consensus definition that we all have to work from and refer to/ expand upon for ourselves.

Like a Polyamory wiki, you might say.
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