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Originally Posted by LusciousLemon View Post
I guess that explains why I'm not big on the "tell me you love me" stuff nor on what I call "buying love". I know that's a bit over the top with the buying love thing, but I mean that more with the parent/child relationship when parents buy kids whatever they want but don't necessarily spend any time with them (this is my ex-husband).
Now there's an interesting test for a parenting class. If the parent's love language is not gifts, why are they trying to buy their kids love through gifts.

I'm beginning to think that our love languages can change a bit, not drastically mind you, but the top 3 may be able to shift over time. I have never really been a touch person, however I have noticed that as I learn my husbands love language (which is touch), I am more affected by his touch and have begun to crave it even more. My whole attitude toward touch is also shifting.

One of my top languages is "acts of service", but I find as my kids get older and can help with more and the list of overall chores decreases, my need for "quality time" takes over. I don't know if "acts of service" has always been at the top of my list, or just since having kids and a house to take care of.
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