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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
BTW, you said you want to connect with men emotionally now, whereas before you were just more into the cock. My gf and I joke about how we'd be content with each other sexually, but... sigh... boys and their darn sexy cocks.
Lol Magdlyn, you make me laugh.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
One must put up with a lot of lame guy crap (bad communication abilities mostly) just to get to play with those yummy cocks.

I must say, after 30+ years living with a straight vanilla man, it's so damn refreshing and easy to be in a LTR with a woman (even tho she's trans). This is in reference to typical male/female communication styles, and .... present company excluded, of course.
Thanks for excluding us... but personally I'm still dishing out lots of lame guy crap myself! Part of it is having been so isolated socially... its not just my sex skills that are rusty! I need some WD-40 to grease my social interactions too.

Male/female communication styles... communication and social connectedness are things I seriously undervalued in my young life. Just as I undervalued women in general. I'm trying to make up for lost time now.


P.S. Wow, could I be more fucking self-absorbed at the moment! Seems like everything I post is about me. A change is coming...

P.P.S. -

Magdalyn ~ "Who are these others? Just take 'em one at a time when you can find 'em!"

Excellent point!

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