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Hi, I'm not a gay man, but I cant resist a thread with "gay bi queer" in the title!

Actually I often feel like a gay/bi man in a female body, so...

Originally Posted by anotherbo View Post

From a very young age I was attracted to girls; I remember buying jewelry (a nickel each!) from little my sister to give to two different girls I liked in the first grade.
That's so cute!

In the fifth grade, I discovered my mother's cache of Playgirl magazines and made a startling discovery: although I didn't have much use for men's bodies in general, I found one part of them very exciting. Especially when it stuck out like that! And even many years later, I remember saying to a friend, "I'm not really attracted to guys, but there sure is something sexy about a hard cock."
Mmmm, a hard man IS good to find!


This is where I'm at too, River. My thought is, if I can find even one gay/bi friend, I should be able to connect to a larger gay community here. I squandered one such opportunity recently; I ran into an openly gay man I knew from a theater performance years ago. We talked briefly, he seemed quite interested in me (and I found him way more attractive than I had years ago), but I was in a hurry, and though we talked about having coffee sometime, we didn't exchange numbers or make a plan, and he may or may not be in town this winter. Maybe its better though; since I'm mostly wanting to connect to a larger community, he might feel used if he helped me do that and we didn't end up dating for long.
Awww, if you like each other, you could have a lover/friend, as well as a possible "in" to the community. I don't see any "using" in there, just connection. I hope you run into him again soon!

There is one other man who seems unusually interested in me on karaoke nights as well; I'm thinking he might be gay, but again I'd feel a little bad exploiting his interest to connect with others.
Who are these others? Just take 'em one at a time when you can find 'em!

BTW, you said you want to connect with men emotionally now, whereas before you were just more into the cock. My gf and I joke about how we'd be content with each other sexually, but... sigh... boys and their darn sexy cocks. One must put up with a lot of lame guy crap (bad communication abilities mostly) just to get to play with those yummy cocks.

I must say, after 30+ years living with a straight vanilla man, it's so damn refreshing and easy to be in a LTR with a woman (even tho she's trans). This is in reference to typical male/female communication styles, and .... present company excluded, of course.

River, you're so eloquent, it's a pleasure to read your posts.
Love withers under constraint; its very essence is liberty. It is compatible neither with envy, jealousy or fear. It is there most pure, perfect and unlimited when its votaries live in confidence, equality and unreserve. -- Shelley

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